Posted by: Steve and Bethany | March 18, 2009


date; 3/29/09

After deciding on the bullet, our salesman at Northside Ford began looking around for a truck with all the appointments we desired, but after not much time, we became aware that because sterling had discontinued this line. What was out there was what was out there. In other words, no truck existed with all the interior options we wanted.  Northside was ‘very’ motivated to sell the one on its lot that we test drove, the only 4×4 model with the right frame length, so we agreed, with the understanding that sterling would provide factory parts & installation to bring this truck up to our needs, at additional cost of course.

Sterling modified the truck to have power windows, locks & mirrors & factory navigation, as well as a paint job (white just wouldn’t cut it).

Sterling also oversaw the aftermarket modifications of added keyless entry, an alarm that can be modified to include the camper door & window sensors when built, rear backup camera (also when built) & window tint.

The color – I understand sterling’s choice for white, white being the best color to paint over as a business paints the truck to match its logo or established color scheme, but our vehicle, being designed primarily for off-road use, needed a color that wouldn’t stand out too much, or show off to much dust & dirt. Black looks absolutely brilliant in this body, but shows off dust too much. This body could take red confidently, but red is hardly a natural color! The same with blue.  Beige would certainly meet both of those goals, but is just too bland for me. Bethany briefly courted army green (much to my boredom), but we then saw some other truck painted that color (I was off the hook). I then looked back at my current silver truck – hides dust (to a point, the tires show it off more) not too loud in the woods, modern look, silver it is.

Window tint – I know, kinda urban, but I’ve gone hiking several times, having left the truck parked alone in the woods, & I tend to design defensively (even my architecture) so I really didn’t want people to see inside too well. (I even debated removable steel cages that could lock over all windows for just such occasions, but I have to be realistic)

Standard seat – the factory standard vinyl 40-20-40 bench seat wasn’t really what I initially wanted, but after a little thought I realized I was planning on removing the middle 20% part to build a custom console/dog step no matter what, & the vinyl really is better for cleaning dog hair, this plus on a second inspection Bethany helped me see that the existing seat really didn’t look too bad!interior-007



  1. ummmm…are those custom or stock?

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