Posted by: Steve and Bethany | March 6, 2009


date; 4/3/09

After a couple rounds of rough floor plan layout sketches, I’ve arrived at a good starting layout, once I have both the donor vehicle & the bullet on site. I’ll make my final dimensional decisions & draw the plan up in AutoCAD. I kept the basic layout of the four wheel camper, window on the passenger side, utilities on the driver’s side, because of my full time queen size bed half in the cab over- half over the dog beds/ dressers, I used up all my passenger side room before the wheel well, & this frame doesn’t have enough room behind the wheel well for a door, so the door stays on the back.


This frame has a 52 gallon fuel tank behind the back axle, hence, no room for the spare below deck, so it will be permanently stowed on the rear wall similar to the ‘turtle V’ vehicle, but somewhat recessed in, like the

Earthroamer XV-LT

Fuel cans, will also be permanently stowed on both side walls for 10 emergency gallons, also recessed in. I’ve devise a sliding dresser that will take advantage of a tough-to-use space, & act as a privacy wall between the camper & the cab when pulled closed. Dog beds will of course be raised up to the level of the cab’s rear window, allowing for some outside storage below, with full extension drawer pull sliders. Just inside the camper door, below one of the fuel cans, will be all of the electric & hydraulic controls, as I want to be able to reach these controls from just outside the camper. the extra width allows for some playfulness on the part of my cabinet making skills (the curves). I have decided, for maximum interior storage, to have a hang-mount propane tank below the floor deck on the driver’s side, & multiple battery & air compressor storage below the floor deck on the passenger side.

Granted, all of this can change as I begin construction, if I find a better way, or come up with something that looks more fun to build!




  1. Great build!

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