Posted by: Steve and Bethany | January 20, 2009



Bethany & I have spent most of the summer camping for four or five day trips, enough for me to (of course) find some minor things to tweak into my anal type of perfection.

To be honest, I’m a little amazed that everything works as well as it has, nothing major has required any changes, & the only things I get to finesse now are just minor nuances. In an effort to stop things from rolling around as we drive, I built dividers in most of the drawers to keep things in their place, all are removable if things change in the future.

bin dividers for dog food & trash

i REALLY like having trash right below the countertop, yet out of sight

the vanity cabinet

The most major thing I found was that we slept with our heads to the driver’s side, which is where I put the other three-way switch to turn off the love lighting, but for some reason I located the thermostat for the heater closer to the passenger side, so I moved it closer to within reach while I’m in bed. It was easy enough to extend the wires across to the new location, & I wanted to put teak veneer on the bed rail anyhow, so this was the perfect time to accomplish both.

the teak finishes the bed rail much better

& lastly, (this was always in the plan, but I just didn’t get to it until now), in the past, with the other campers, I was always a little concerned about theft when leaving the truck at trail heads,  (the main reason for not having outside latches for the roof – if the roof’s down, you can’t get it up from the outside) I was especially concerned with the sliding window, it always seemed that if someone wanted, they could just push through the screen, & get inside. Not any more! before painting, I drilled & installed threaded inserts around the window frame for a security grate. I then got some aluminum Woven Wire Mesh;

Lock Crimp Weave

3” x 3” Mesh – .250” Wire

then had randy at harvest valley weld a 1/2″ rod around the perimeter following the radius of the window

problem solved



  1. Saw you on I-90 east today and had to look it up. Truly impressive work.

  2. Saw this machine on I-94 in Minnesota just about to cross into Wisconsin last week! Took a photo and looked it up on google. Great work!

  3. I saw you running west bound on I-270 in Frederick MD this week on my way home from work. I too, was so impressed I had to google Bullet Xpedition, to see where I could lay my hands on one of these. Imgaine my disappointment when I found out it was a one of a kind custom vehicle. WOW! Simply, WOW. I am so jealous. You are clearly a very talented designer, fabricator, and craftsman. Very impressive. I hope you and your S.O. have many years of enjoyment with this rolling palace.

  4. I just had to stop and admire your work as I was buying dog food at Pet Smart in Roswell Georgia. Have a wonderful life full of adventures and memories with your custom built vehicle.

  5. we saw this nice looking rig on 07/05/14 at the Lava Caves , very impressive ! Thought it might be production and found all your info on the web.

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